About Advanced Thermal Systems, Inc.

The Leader in Designing and Fabricating Custom Flexible Ball and Expansion Joints

For more than 55 years, ATS has been a privately held, family-owned & operated business based in Lancaster, NY. Founded in 1968, Advanced Thermal Systems, Inc. (ATS) was started from humble beginnings by founders Martin Hannah and Gene Miliczky out of Martin’s garage in their hometown, Buffalo, NY. Through their passion for engineering, Martin and Gene developed new and innovative ideas for creating better-performing packed expansion joints that required lower maintenance. Their main goal when starting the company was to provide high-quality products at a fair price. At ATS, the term “Quality” includes the quality of our custom designs, the quality of our manufacturing, and last but certainly not least, the quality of service to our customers.

Innovating Custom Designs

ATS got our start with the introduction of the Thermal-Pak Slip Type Expansion Joint product line. Our Thermal-Pak line provides unique solutions and benefits to many industrial, commercial, and institutional entities such as district energy systems, universities, hospitals, petroleum refineries, oil production companies, chemical process plants, and more.

In 1979, ATS purchased the Chiksan Flexible Ball Joint product line from a division of FMC, Inc. Since 1979, ATS has incorporated many of the design principles used in our slip joint product line into the manufacture of our Thermal-Pak Ball Joints.  These changes resulted in more reliable lower cost joints.

Serving the United States and Internationally 

ATS proudly supplies products all across the United States as well as throughout the global market.

In 1993, ATS began working with customers to develop custom ball joint linkages that would accommodate the required movements of heat collector tubes used in parabolic trough solar fields. In 1995, ATS launched its first application of custom-fabricated ball joints for use in the Kramer Junction Solar  Project in Southern California. To this day the Kramer Junction Solar Field is still in operation with the same ATS-manufactured ball joints.

Since 1995, ATS has become known as the world leader in manufacturing and supplying ball joints for solar field applications with over 250,000 units currently installed worldwide.

The Evolution and Future of ATS

Over the years ATS has grown into a well-known name in the packed expansion joint industry thanks to our never-ending dedication to quality. Joshua (Josh) Monaco, grandson to Martin Hannah, took over as CEO & President of ATS in January 2023. Graduating from SUNY Buffalo State in 2012, Josh has his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, with a minor in Business Administration, and he is excited to continue the legacy of ATS that Martin and Gene started many decades ago.

ATS is committed to the continued development & growth of our talented team, developing new and exciting cutting-edge technologies for our packed expansion joint product lines, and delivering unmatched excellence to our customers. We are extremely proud to say that our products are all designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Our experience and engineering expertise combined with the ability to offer piping system stress analysis services is what sets ATS apart from the rest. We take the time to fully understand your project in order to determine the need for and application of the proper expansion devices. There’s a reason why businesses trust ATS when it comes to their solar panel parts: we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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