ATS Low Friction Pipe Guides & Supports

ATS Low Friction Graphite Guides and Supports provide the most dependable pipe support systems available.  Proper use of ATS Low Friction Graphite Guides and Supports will provide trouble free service for the life of the piping system.  Sizes ranging from 1″ to 24″ are available in both non-insulated and pre-insulated designs with either bolt down or weld bases.  ATS Low Friction Guides are designed to accommodate a total of 8″ of axial pipe movement.  The Low Friction Supports will handle the same 8″ of axial movement plus ±3″ of lateral movement.  Greater axial and lateral displacements can be accommodated with special designs.

Low Friction graphite (1/2″ thick) with a compressive strength of 2000 psi is used on both the upper and lower assemblies thus providing a low coefficient of friction between the sliding surfaces (f=0.15).  ATS Low Friction Guides and Supports can be provided for systems with operating temperatures of up to 750°F.

Special ATS guides and supports can be readily designed to meet your specific requirements.  Larger pipe sizes and/or insulation thickness’ can be easily accommodated. Consult ATS Engineering with your specific application.

Advanced Thermal Systems’ years of experience and broad engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, in the design and supply of piping support systems ensure our customers of getting the best and most reliable equipment for their applications.